Scoutmaster Minute 2/9/2015: The Eagle inside you

Last week my Scoutmaster minute was borrowed from the website ScoutmasterCG. The picture that went with it had a boy and a bird, and it was definitely creepy:

Bird in your hair
Click to go to “Birds in your Hair” by ScoutmasterCG

This week’s Scoutmaster minute has a picture of a boy and a bird too, but without the creepyness:

Eagle and shadow
Who is inside you?

I’m pretty sure all of you can guess why I chose this picture to talk about. Your parents, your Den Leader, your Cubmaster, and now I have all told you hundreds of times that you can all earn the rank of Eagle – there’s an Eagle in all of you.  And that’s true, you are all capable of earning Eagle, and hope most of you do. Of course, some of you may choose not too. Some of you may find a different passion, in sports, or your church, making art, or perhaps academics. And that’s okay.

But even if you don’t earn Eagle, I think this picture has something to say to you.  Just as he sees an eagle in himself, you’re the one who can see who you really  want to be. And that may well be different than who you are now. It will take some thought to figure that out, but once you do, make sure that you show it, both to yourself and to the rest of the world.

By the way, the picture is from the inside cover record album “Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2”, which came out in 1982,  just two years after I earned Eagle.