Eagle Trail


Information for Scouts aspiring to the Rank of Eagle

  1. START HERE — Read the entire Eagle Trail page from San Diego-Imperial Council: www.sdicbsa.org/Advancement/Eagle.php
  2. Rank Requirements: https://www.scouting.org/programs/boy-scouts/advancement-and-awards/eagle/
  3. Check out the other resources from Rancho Mesa District:
  4. The Eagle Scout Rank: Boy Scouts of America provides detailed steps of the process  “intended to aid in reviewing and submitting the application and accompanying materials. It is hoped this will help Scouts, parents… etc.” https://www.scouting.org/resources/guide-to-advancement/eagle-scout-rank/
  5. Eagle Projects: If you are looking for potential Eagle projects you may want to look here. https://www.sdicbsa.org/Advancement
  6. Project Counselor List: www.sdicbsa.org/Advancement/EagleCounselors.php
  7. Project Workbook: www.scouting.org/scoutsource/boyscouts/advancementandawards/eagleworkbookprocedures.aspx
    • Typically all of your material will go into a binder along with the Workbook. Here is a Table of Content for an Eagle Binder. It lists the sections that most scouts end up having, which means that you don’t have to have them. You only include those that makes sense for your particular project and in the order that you choose.
      • A little about me
      • Proposal (PDF)
      • Plan (PDF)
      • Report (PDF)
      • Schematics/Blueprints and Materials List
      • Pictures (showing how the project progressed, before/during/after, end-result, volunteers, etc. )
      • Planning documents
      • Finances (fundraising, expenses, receipts)
      • Volunteer Hours and Information
      • Communications (essential letters, emails, etc.)
      • Advancement Information (Rank Information, Positions of Responsibility, Bluecard copies)
  8. Rank Application: www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-728_WB_fillable.pdf
  9. Letters of Recommendation:








  • Turning in your Workbook and Application:
    • Bring your binder and Eagle application to the Council office. (Check their office hours.) They will give you a receipt with the date as proof of turning it. Then some weeks later you will receive information about your Eagle Board of Review and they will bring your binder there.
    • Council office: Boy Scouts of America San Diego-Imperial Council, 1207 Upas St, San Diego, CA 92103.

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