New Scouts & Webelos!

We hope to see you at one of our Troop meetings, but before we meet you can check out information at this web site. We believe that it will answer some of your questions about our Troop. 

A good starting point is the Troop 682 FAQ.

Our Troop is very much a Scout led troop. The scouts choose their own leaders, who plan the camping trips, activities and meetings. The role of the adults is to provide advice and guidance, and of course keep the scouts safe. One result of being Scout led is that Troop 682 does a wide variety of different trips. If you haven’t already, look around our web site and at the pictures on our Flickr site. You’ll see how much fun we have!


Boys and girls of age 11-17 years can join the troop year round. For Scouts joining outside the spring ‘Webelos to Boy Scout’ transition period, they are incorporated into the existing Patrol structure and led by a Patrol Leader (usually 1st Class Scout or above).

When we went to Webelos Woods we all got there late at night but wanted to get a spot in the area we were going to teach the webelos in […]

When new scouts join the Troop during the spring, they are initially assigned to a “New Scout” Patrol that consists of other new Scouts and is led by a Troop Guide. The Troop Guide is an older Scout who is responsible for teaching the new scouts how the Troop works, how to camp with the Troop, and the skills needed to earn (at a minimum) the Tenderfoot rank. After approximately five-six months, the new scouts become part of a regular Patrol.

On May 18th, Troop 682 had a Court of Honor.  

We meet on most Mondays at 7pm at St Bartholomew’s on Pomerado Road. Check the troop calendar for details.  If you are interested in finding out more about our Troop then click here for the Troop 682 basics. Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, or inquiries on joining the Troop at

Are you wondering what to look for in a Boy Scout Troop? Click here for good questions to ask at a meeting or event. You’re Invited!