Warm Clothes Drive for Refugees


Hi Everybody,

Between you scouts and Den 9 of Pack 624 we collected:

  • 5 belts
  • 5 blankets
  • 11 pairs of shoes
  • 20 sets of pajamas
  • 24 pairs of shorts
  • 38 jackets and sweaters
  • 52 pairs of pants
  • 140 shirts!

Thank you to all you scouts who contributed either clothes or time for RefugeeNet and the Episcopal outreach programs!  You really made a difference for people who need it!

–Mr. Collins

Hi Everybody,

We will be doing a warm clothes drive over the next couple of weeks for RefugeeNet, a charity organization associated with Episcopal Church system in San Diego.  St. Barts and others in the Episcopal community helps Chaldean Catholics from Iraq and displaced ethnic and religions groups from Sudan, Kenya, Burma, and Bhutan.  They help the refugees in San Diego get housing, jobs, food, education for them and their children, and legal assistance.

RefugeeNet needs donations of used: raincoats, jackets, blankets, shoes, sweaters, etc. for children ages 2-17 since the colder months are coming up.

Between now and November 4th please bring any donations to a meeting in a plastic bag with your name and the name of your patrol on it.  We will store donations in the closet.  On Sunday, November 5th we’ll take the donations down to RefugeeNet HQ in City Heights.

Although charity is its own reward, any boy who brings 5 items or more OR helps with taking the donations down to RefugeeNet will earn the “Messenger of Peace” award.  I’d like you to request donations from at least 3 people outside of your immediate family (neighbors, friends, etc). Also, the patrol who organizes the most donations will get some extra points for the Patrol Cup.

Thank you for helping support our charter organization’s social work!

–Mr. Collins