Summer camp 2015, Meriwether (OR)

Our troop is attending summer camp at Camp Meriwether for the week of August 1 – Aug. 8, 2015.

Camp Meriwether is located on the scenic Oregon Coast, one of the only Boy Scout camps to feature an ocean beach.  Tall evergreens and plentiful wildlife abound. The mighty Pacific Ocean provides the dramatic backdrop for this full service camp with 2 miles of private beach. The camp includes Lake Chamberlain, a fresh-water lake for swimming and boating, a trading post, a .22 rifle range, a shotgun range, an archery range, a black powder range, scoutcraft, handicraft and an ecology study center

The program at Meriwether includes Trail to First Class, Cooking, Climbing and all of the other traditional summer camp merit badges (Swimming, Shooting Sports, etc.) along with some unique Stagecraft merit badges (Cinematography, Game Design, Theater, Public Speaking). It is recommended to take 3-4 merit badges maximum to enjoy the other activities the camp offers. The camp also recommends taking the merit badges in the morning so that you can enjoy the camp wide activities each afternoon (swimming, shooting, scavenger hunts, sandboarding, orienteering race and more).

To get more information on Camp Meriwether, please see their website. The Camp Leader Guide (PDF file) is especially informational and gives all the details on what merit badges are offered, preparing for camp, etc.

This camp will cost $299/scout (excluding travel expenses, overnighter fees and supply fees for some merit badges) and $140/adult. Travel expenses will be approximately $350-$400 per person. Bus transportation from the airport to and from camp will be approximately $60.

If you want to sign up or have questions, please contact Craig Dickson (SM), Dana Collins (ASM) or John Hartvig (ASM).








Troop 282 from Seattle, WA visited Camp Meriwether in 2013. Here they have their website description of camp including the “Hullabaloo”


And some videos:

Cool Camp: Camp Meriwether

Dining hall



Music video: Mat Kearney | Coming Home

There are also videos by troops that has visited Camp Meriwether. Here’s a couple: