Scouting is really a team activity

Though it’s maybe not as obvious as it is with sports, Scouting is really a team activity. Just as a Little League team would miss their shortstop, your Patrol and Troop miss you when you don’t attend a trip. Take a minute now and sign up for this spring’s trips on TroopWebHost. Go to My Stuff > Sign-Up for Upcoming Events.


March 20-22: For Lake Dixon we need the experienced Scouts (young and old!) to come and help teach; and if you’re under First Class you can probably earn a number of requirements too. This is traditionally one our better attended trips, and it’s only 20 minutes away.

March 28-29 (tentatively): The following Saturday we tentatively have a one-night “introduction to backpacking” trip that is suitable for almost any of our Scouts. It’s on the pacific Crest Trail near Warner Springs. More information to come.

April 24-26: In April we have the Zombie Camporee. You will get to compete against other Patrols and Troops, much like you did at Klondike Derby last (and you all really liked that!) It’s also close to home, on this side of Ramona.

May 15 – 18: In May we go to Potrero County Park. Your Patrol will get to decide on activities – hiking? build a camp gadget with pioneering (trebuchet anyone?) play the Viking Game? It’s a great place to work on some advancements. Plus, there’s an Iron Chef competition.

June 19-21: To celebrate the end of the school year we’re camping on San Onofre State Beach. Beach camp, summer, and Scout friends. Be there!

Looking forward to seeing you all in camp!