Sam’s Spa, desert campout & snow play

This outing was for scouts and their families. It was a great trip to experience snow play and desert temperatures in one weekend. The campground had several hot spring fed pools and Jacuzzis (pool temps in the 90’s and Jacuzzi temps above 100). Even before the trip our SPL, Ethan, wrote: “This is arguably the best trip.” So expectations were high. He also wrote: “This trip is a Family trip so we encourage you to bring all of your siblings and parents (and yourself of course) to come. The trip is always a troop favorite because it allows us to visit a mountain with snow on it. We go on Friday and set up (it is always fun to watch your family try to set up if they do not frequently go camping). Then, we make breakfast on Saturday, and it always is fun cooking, even if it is Spaghetti-O’s. We take a short drive to the arial tram for Mt San Jacinto and go on the tram (great view) to the summit. We then get off, hopefully in warm clothes, we take a hike to an open area and play snow games and sled down a slope. Then, we go back to the lodge at the top of the mountain for a buffet lunch, REALLY good FOOD (not Spaghetti-O’s depending on how you cook them) and then go to the bottom again.We camp at a group campsite in a vacation thing called Sam’s Spa, and yes there are spas. They have a large pool and about 5 jacuzzis with varying temperatures, which are great to go in after a long day of snow. After the jacuzzi we make dinner and then sometimes even go in the pool again. We play games in the pool too. Overall, this trip is great for you and your families.”

2018-01-19 Sam's Spa Family Snow Camp