Troop 682 Scout Leadership

Girls (G) and Boys (B) Positions of Responsibility in the Troop

Troop 682

Summer 2021
Winter 2020/21
— Core PLC —
Patch_SPLSenior Patrol Leader G: Ella H.
B: Ryan B.
G: Fen A.
B: Alex L.
Patch_ASPLAssistant Senior Patrol Leader G: Sonali S.
B: Josh L.
G: Sonali S.
B: Anand N.
Patch_ScribeScribe Ozzy R. G: Abigail S
B: Bharat N.
Patch_QMQuartermaster Conner B. G: Kayne C.
B: Benton W.
Patch_JASMJunior Assistant Scoutmaster
Patch_PLPatrol Leader Ella H. Fen A.
Patch_APLAssistant Patrol Leader Sonali S.  Sonali S.
Draconic Dungeoneers 1
Patch_PLPatrol Leader TBD Josh L.
Patch_APLAssistant Patrol Leader TBD Seth F.
Draconic Dungeoneers 2
Patch_PLPatrol Leader TBD Ryan B.
Patch_APLAssistant Patrol Leader TBD  Josh T.
Patch_PLPatrol Leader TBD  Miran R.
Patch_APLAssistant Patrol Leader TBD Kamran S.
Dutch Ovens
Patch_PLPatrol Leader TBD Idris K.
Patch_APLAssistant Patrol Leader TBD Rashit K.
Ultimate Waffle Pragon Patrol (new scouts)
Patch_TGTroop Guide Benton W.
Patch_TGAssistant Troop Guide Joshua T.
Thunder Piranhas Patrol (new scouts)
Patch_TGTroop Guide Seth F.
Patch_TGAssistant Troop Guide Rishit K.
Patch_APLAssistant Patrol Leader Quinn S. G.
— Extended PLC —
Patch_LibrarianLibrarian Nathan S. Lucas R. K.
Patch_HistorianHistorian Ibby S. G: Sierra W.
B: Seth F.
Patch_WMJunior Webmaster TBD G: Caitlin W.
B: Kamran S.
Patch_SPCService Project Coordinator TBD G: Amy W.
B: Pranit M.
Outdoor Ethics Guide Alex L.  Hugo H.
Patch_OAROrder of the Arrow Representative
Patch_CAChaplain’s Aid Nate L. G: Amy W.
B: Alex L.
Patch_BuglerBugler Maddox W. G: Alana G.
B: Leo C.
Patch_DCDen Chief